18.09.20 :: New Single :: Ebb >>

Ebb is a Neoclassical Piano Solo piece that I composed + then recorded in my home studio on September 8th 2020 on a Tascam hand-held recorder. As it turns out, the single captures only the second time I ever played the piece, but there's something so raw, so (im)perfectly present about it that I decided that this was the piece to put out into the world right now. Within a couple days of recording, and mulling it over, I approached Stephen Shannon about mastering the track, and he kindly obliged. It’s actually a very simple piece: the melody is really simple - it’s the contrapuntal harmony that makes it interesting. Cinematic but intimate with resonance from liberal use of sustain pedal, which is kind of my thing. All helped by the naturally warm acoustics of the old railway worker’s cottage that houses my studio. I suppose that Ebb marks a new point creatively for me. There's a light-ness, a pace to it that's kind of new to my work and I'm really happy about this. I chose to move / dance to the music for this video. You can see my piano in the left hand corner. This is the same room where the piece was recorded. You can purchase an audio + sheet music bundle of Ebb from my Bandcamp page here :: https://unakeane.bandcamp.com/track/e... - thank you x credits: released September 18, 2020 Composed + recorded by Úna Mastered by Stephen Shannon in Dublin, Ireland Special thanks to RTE Culture & Culture Night for premiering this music video as part of Culture Night 2020 highlights x

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